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Who Are You?

MaxiMaze has been in business for 25 years. We have been selling online for 15 years with perfect record of 100% Satisfaction.

What is your return policy?

Money back Guarantee.

If the item you receive does not match the description, you may return it back at our expense.

We accept returns if :

  1. Item was defective on arrival
  2. Item does not match description
  3. Wrong item was hipped

We have a high return rate on straps and buckles simply because some buyers do not know or do not have the right tool to measure exactly the size they need. Please ask us if not sure what size you need. 

However, we charge 15% restocking fee and original shipping cost if :

  1. You measured the strap wrong
  2. You did not like the color / look 

We do not accept returns on AS-IS items  and sealed spare parts or tools. We clearly state AS-IS on faulty items sold AS-IS.


What countries are covered by your Free shipping policies?

We ship free to most of Europe, USA and Canada.

PLease ask us for a quote for other countries.

Why should I trust sending you money?

We use Square and PayPal as 3rd party payment. In case of any problem, these 3rd party companies arbitrate and return back any payment that was not fulfilled with a sale.

Within a day of payment received, we ship and provide a tracking number. Without such a tracking number, Square and PayPal would intervene and refund your full payment back.

Note that both Square and PayPal  are publicly traded companies and safe for ecommrce transactions.    

What shipping methods do you use?

We mostyl use USPS for shipping within USA and DHL for internatinal shipping.

For a limited time, we are providing FREE shipping to USA and most of Europe.


How come you have such rare items? Are they genuine?

We have more than 25 years experience.

We acquired the estate of a retiring watch agent who had a major physical store in the 1970s with many New Old Stock items, some were on display while others were kept in storage. 

We have many rare spare parts that many online dealers keep buying. For examples, Tissot Astrolon Bands, we have been the only suppliers worldwide and many sellers mention our store to assure their buyers that the torn band is still available.  

Why do you sell straps without their buckle?

Most of our straps were meant to replace a torn old strap and use the same old buckle that rarely gets damaged over time. For this reason, most of our straps are sold without a mounted buckle.

Please take note of this fact as a few buyers were expecting to get a buckle mounted on the strap.

A few of our straps do have a buckle and we clearly mention it in that case but most of them do not.


Why some of your bands are lower quality?

Most of our straps are new old stock ( NOS )  of the 1970s. Some production of the 1970s was lower quality compared to today's advanced manufacturing but this is also what make them special same like older cars are less reliable than today's cars but more valuable to collectors.

Please also note that some fabric do not age well and start cracking. Such items would not be suitable for day to day use. We usually mention that in the listing but would like you to be aware of this fact.   


Where else do you sell?

We have 25 years experience. We have been on eBay for 15 years with 100% positive feedback (  timemaze  and MaxiMaze Watches ) 

We also sell on Square and other online stores too.

Can I sell my wacthes on MaxiMaze ?

Yes, you can sell your watches if:

  1. You are official dealer
  2. Have papers and certificates for your watches
  3. Can prove authenticity of your items
  4. Allow us to verify items to be listed

How much commission do you charge per sale?

We charge ZERO percent on the first 10 items to make sure all buyers are totally satified. We then start charging 7% ot total sale. 

How accurate are watches?

Mechanical watches can never be close quartz watches in accuracy.

We deal with watches of different ages and era. 

1900 to 1940 : Up to 5 minutes a day accuracy at best

1940 to 1960 : Up to 2 minutes a day accuracy

1960 to 1980 : Up to 1 minute a day accuracy

Quartz watches : Vary accurate until the battery needs replacing